Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This blog site has been created with pretty much a single thought in mind. It is a place for me and others who might want to do so to post their thoughts and writings about the art, craft and science of creating, preparing and running table top role playing games. I probably will not publish this until I have at least one article to post. I intend for that to be no later than Saturday or Sunday. For those of you who read my postings at DouchyDM I will continue to post the JiB on GM’ing series there as well as other short pieces. This site is for longer more thought out or more researched topics. That said, I hope I don’t fall into pomposity. That is certainly not my intention. I will rely on you the reader to keep me humble. Comments are most welcome.

I hope there’s something here that will be useful or at least funny to come.


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