Actual Plays from OrcCon 2015

I ran these games at OrcCon 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

Carnivale (mp3)

Carnivale is a gothic horror game set in the Ravenloft game setting and played using the Fate Core rules. Travelling the highways and byways of the lands between Barovia and the Sea of Shadows entertaining the masses, lightening their hearts and their purses. You see things that the everyday people do not. They call your kind vagabonds, gypsies and worse, but you’ve seen the shadows that lay across the land, the dark heart pumping its ichor into the nooks and crannies of existence befouling the very air that you breathe. You call yourselves Vistani and you have seen things that the townsfolk fear to utter even in the safety of their homes. But, will even the mighty Vistani survive the storm brewing in the mists?  Carnivale is a gothic horror fantasy game set in Ravenloft, the Domain of Dread.

Thieves’ World (mp3)

Thieves’ World is a gritty fantasy game set in Sanctuary, the city of the, “Thieves’ World,” books. Welcome to Sanctuary. Oh don’t worry, Sanctuary is perfectly safe, just keep your hands near your weapons and your eyes open, oh and you might want to stay away from the Maze at night. Make sure you stop by the Vulgar Unicorn for a pint though, there’s always a good story to be heard there. Sanctuary is always dangerous, but something dark is moving in the shadows and narrow alleys, something that has even the most hardened of Sanctuary’s denizens afraid. Many people have left or are making plans to leave and those that remain talk of the end of the world. Thieves’ World is a gritty street level fantasy setting based on the book series.

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