Savage Cyberpunk – Actual Play

Savage Cyberpunk Session1 (mp3)

When our Deadlands game wound up, I asked the players what they wanted next. A discussion with my better half, ok really she’s the better 7/8ths of this pair, but I digress, lead to the idea that we would do shorter more defined campaigns rather than the monolithic unending campaign with which we’re all so familiar. The group decided on a Bladerunner-esque Cyberpunk game and to continue with Savage Worlds as our game system.

Session 0 yielded the following:

  1. Bladerunner-esque with sort of a noir feel.
  2. Cybernetics are a real thing and not uncommon though some people have a negative reaction.
  3. Pit fighting gladiatorial arenas are the biggest spectator sport.
  4. Replicants exist but are negatively thought of.
  5. Clones exist, but cloning humans is technically illegal.

The resulting characters turned out to be the pretty typical net running group:

  1. Hacker
  2. Drone Jockey
  3. Street Samurai
  4. Hunter Killer
  5. Assassin
  6. Childlike Replicant with a doll fetish

The attached mp3 is session 1 of the campaign in its unedited (who has time for editing) raw form which I prefer because it gives more of the impression of the game play (including distractions and unassociated sounds).

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