Vires et Honos: Actual Play (Session 2)

Vires et Honos 002 Actual Play

NOTE: I’ve remastered these, but I’m still working on recording settings. You may need to play at higher than normal volume to hear clearly.

“Vires et Honos,” is an actual play of a Savage Worlds, Weird Wars Rome game set in Britain during the time of the building of Hadrian’s wall.


The characters follow the trail to a village on the edge of the swamp. There they find some of the missing supplies, and danger. Following the trail deeper into the swamp they find that some legends, are in fact true.


Morrigan Mhoireibh (Gina Ricker)

Tribune Quintus Aurelius Domaticus (Tim Huntly)

Decanus Tiberious Aurelius Kato (Will Huggins)

Miles Gregarius Cassius Horatius Rufinus (Morgan Ellis)

GM (Jason Tryon)

Special thanks to Pinnacle Entertainment group for Savage Worlds, Weird Wars Rome, and the music heard on this recording.

Special thanks to Platemail Games for the sound effects.

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