NaGaDeMon Project Day 4

I am using the impetus of the NaGaDeMon effort (click here) to develop a project that’s been cooking around in my brain for a couple of months now. I apologize for being a bit vague about the exact nature of the project, but all will be revealed in time.

The project is a Powered by the Apocalypse rpg. For information on Apocalypse World click here.

As of Day 4 of NaGaDeMon

Finished Tasks

  1. Define the Player’s Agenda
  2. Define the GM’s Agenda
  3. Define the GM’ing Principals
  4. Identify the setting and how the setting impacts the game. (Involves a rules change from AW)
  5. Define what describes a character
    1. Attributes
    2. Play books
    3. Game specific information
    4. Bonds
  6. Identify basic and advanced moves common to all characters

To be done

  1. Write character play books
  2. Write additional moves

Additional information to follow.

When the draft of this project is finished I will post it here.


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