Bad Streets Update (13 Nov 2016)

Ok, obviously I’m terrible about keeping up this blog. For that I apologize.

Bad Streets has been in development for over a year at this point and has evolved a great deal from where I started. Bad Streets is a Powered by the Apocalypse role playing game of gritty street level crime drama in which the characters are the principal characters in, “Bad Streets,” the hot new crime drama on TV. Bad Streets is about the relationships between the characters, and exploring the problems and issues that the characters face. Bad Streets is not intended to be a procedural crime exploration, though that is certainly one flavor that the game could take.

At the time of this writing, I’m taking a little bit of a break from Bad Streets to clear my head and get a fresh perspective. More about that in an upcoming post.

I want to take a moment here though to thank some people. For those who know me these names may be familiar. Familiar or not though, if you see any of these wonderful people at a convention or have the opportunity to play a game with them anywhere, you should do so. All are wonderful players and have made Bad Streets much better than whatever would have come out of my brain on its own. (It’s really a bad idea to leave my brain to roam unsupervised.)

Gina Ricker, David Gallo, Colin Jessup, Rob Sanderson, Hamish Cameron & Eric Lytle, I can’t thank all of you enough, without you this game would never have really happened.

Everyone else who has play tested Bad Streets, thank you for your invaluable feedback and the awesome game experiences that you’ve given me so far. Your names will appear in the book, if the book ever appears. (Which I hope it will)