This is my little corner of the internet. It exists as a place for me to post things that occur to me regarding the art, science and craft of creating, preparing and running tabletop role playing games. If you’re here it is probably because you know me, but mayhaps you stumbled in here by accident. In any case, it’s only fair for me to tell you something about the person who is responsible for this place.

I have been a tabletop gamer for over 30 years, and I have played across a multitude of game systems and genres. I got my start with the original Chainmail rules. The D&D Red Box set was available but my first game ever was Chainmail. I played D&D in most of its forms as well as most anything else I could find to play.

For most of my playing career I have acted as the GM (or DM if you prefer) and I’ve probably lost track of more games that I’ve written than the ones that I still have. I take GM’ing both very seriously and totally whimsically. Providing a good game for my players is the very core of my aims as a player and gm. I try not to take myself too seriously.

In this space I intend to post articles relating to the creating and running of games and focus on the technical and creative aspects of running games. I may also bring in other authors to provide content for this space depending largely on the level of interest.

I hope you find something useful or at least entertaining in these digital pages. Feel free to comment according to your desires. I take criticism very well.



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